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About Us​

On 8th Aug  2022, the Senpro was established to visualize what you need to see in your work. Our company has developed the Probe and Sensor using a fluorescence library and reported their application in the journal for better utilization of your research field.      

The SenPro stands for “Sen” of Sensor and “Pro” of Probe. Combining Sen and Pro, our company’s name was designated as “SenPro”. Our SenPro provides sensors and probes verified with our work. We are sure that SenPro is not selling the products but visualizing the one that needs to be seen for your work. We hope to be a good partner forever by providing high-quality support. 

Our Mission

The SenPro makes invisible is to visible. Our mission is to support your research by providing senser and probe to visualize what you need to see!

Our goal is to achieve your goal.  SenPro is always developing new probes and sensors to cover all of your research area. And also, is studying the more new application of the developed products. We are ready to start development of something new filed of probes and sensors if you requested. 

Who We Are

DOFL Development

Synthetic Team

Probe Discovery

Screening Team

Biomarker discovery

Mechanism Team

Ex vivo & In vivo Development

Application Team

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