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BNM490 stains Golgi in live cell. 2µM of BNM490 was treated with 0.5µM of Mitotracker TM Green in U2OS and incubated at 37ºC for 1hr. Mito tracker green (green) is excited at 490_20 nm and emitted at 525_36 and BNM490(red) is excited at 490_20nm and emitted at 605_52. The nuclei (blue) was stained with DAPI. The images were taken using Nikon Ti microscopy with 100 objective lens. Scale bar :10µm
The live beta cell imaging of PiY at 1µM concentration. The image was pseudo color and taken using Zeiss Structured Illumination Microscopy(SIM).
Live African cell staining of melanocyte probe. Sample ( African skin cell), Live imaging (Red: Melanocyte probe, : Blue: DAPI), Image machine ( Nikon eclipse Ti microscope confical , 60x objective lens)
The live cell imaging of GFP expressed in human colon cancer HCT116. This image was taken using Perkin Elmer Operetta CLS.
Live imaging of insulin probe in mouse betaTC6 cells Sample (Mouse betaTC6 cell line), Live imaging (Red: Insulin probe, Green: CellTrace green from Invitrogen, Blue: DAPI), Image machine ( Nikon eclipse Ti microscope, 100x objective lens)
The immunostaining of the cultured mouse islet. This snapshot images were merged with beta cell probe (Red) and Glucagon Antibody (Green) with DAPI dye for nucleus staining. This image were taken using Nikon A1 confocal microscopy.

We develop and provide the Sensors & Probes with the same as our company’s name. Now the products are available to utilize your research. Our mission is to support your research, something to visualize. And our goal is to grow up together with you unless you give up on us. We started our R&D ten years ago. And still ongong.  


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